Land aggregates

Table of units

Portable diesel electrical aggregates, 2-10 kVA

Portable electrical aggregates (generating sets) are made on the basis of high-speed (3000/3600 rpm for 50/60 Hz) Lombardini air-cooled diesels. Starting system: manual and / or electrical. Possible automatic start / stop, depending on the state of the network. Most units are designed for mobile use. However, in some cases for special projects stationary canopy or container versions are also available.
Internal cooling of the canopy is providing by electrically driven fan.  

Table of units

Industrial diesel generating sets,
5-3050 kVA

Industrial diesel generating sets are land stationary based or mobile units used as a primary or auxiliary (emergency) power sources to supply the different electric energy consumers with alternating single or three phase electric current.
Products based on liquid or air cooling (1500/1800 and 3000/3600 rpm for 50/60 Hz) diesel engines and synchronous brushless generators with electronic voltage regulator. Fuel tank capacity: built-in frame, provides 8-12 hours of continuous operation without re-fuelling. Automatic control panel - microprocessor-based. 
Controls: manual, automatic, remote. Execution: open on frame with manual electric start; open on frame with automatic control, which provides automatic start (stop) of the unit, depending on the availability and quality of electricity in the fixed network;  in sound and weatherproof canopy "SILENT" (70 dB);  in a container with ventilation, heating, lighting; and mobile version at 1-2-3-axle trailer with joint (ball for van, ring for truck). Options for standard industrial units are: various types of heaters for diesels, alternators, automatic panels and switchboards, canopies and containers, oil and fuel automatic re-fuelling systems, free-standing additional fuel tanks, synchronization systems and life-support equipment in canopy or container: automatic ventilation, heating, lighting, fire fighting and other systems. For units with capacity of more than 1000 kVA high-voltage alternators or step-up transformers are available. Frequency of the current 50, 60, 400 Hz. There are also various options for trailers. 
Table of units

Container type gensets

Container (and canopy) type power generating sets.  Canopies offer the following versions: simplified for protection against dust and rain; standard acoustic (sound proof) canopies «SILENT» (70 dB); special thermo - canopy  providing the necessary sound and heat insulation. Thermo-canopies are essentially mini-containers and equipped with internal lighting, heating by electric heaters, automatic ventilation system (motorized blinds), may also be additionally equipped with heaters for the fuel tank and / or control panel of the unit. Generating sets in thermo-canopies designed for different degree of automation, are used primarily for the needs of telecom and railways, and can operate for long periods without maintenance. Operating temperature range: -40 C 40 C. Sets in thermo-canopies can be equipped with automatic dispenser of oil with an additional oil tank inside the canopy, as well as elements of automatic replenishment fuel from an external tank of the customer. Operation panel and AVR switchboard can be placed inside of the canopy or send separately for placement on the customer's premises. Canopies equipped with the necessary number of doors for station service. Interior trim - Perforated steel, exterior painting - powder. All canopy units are equipped with silencers. The location of the silencer - on the roof or vertically inside the canopy.  Additional attenuator to reduce noise level from engine radiator is also available. Canopy units designed to work as a primary power source in the absence of a fixed network can be equipped with a special liquid (fuel) heater for engine. Full-size containers are also different in purpose and execution. However, as a rule, are equipped with next options, which are agreed in technical specification: lighting system, heating, automatic ventilation, automatic replenishment of oil and / or fuel, automatic powder or aerosol type fire-fighting system, external emergency alarms, and others. Container type units have also "own needs operation panel" providing main controls of the station. Inside the container can be installed additional fuel tanks with total capacity of the multiple 500, 750 and 1000 litres. The container has at least two (or two pairs) doors, one of which is equipped inside with the “panic” type lock for easy egress in case of accident. Containers can also be equipped with additional noise attenuators. Operating temperature range for the “North” type container is -50 C + 40 C. The container can be placed one or two generating sets inside, as well as additional customer equipment, such as communications equipment. Container units for railway are offered in various sizes (length 3, 4 and 6 m), with a gable or flat roof, gutters, etc. Possible "cost effective" response to container simplified design. Sizes for Standard containers: ISO 10 ', 20', 25 ', 30' or 40 '.
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Bio-diesel fuel gensets and cogenerators

Biodiesel plants based on diesel engines of MAN and Mitsubishi designed to run on bio-fuel with the composition according to DIN EN 14214. It is necessary to take into account the estimated reduction in nominal capacity of 15-20%. Overloading above the rated power is not allowed. Using 100% organic oils (example: canola) instead of bio-fuel is not permitted as require additional expensive equipment fuel preparation. The economic effect is achieved, provided that effectively uses heat extraction from the engine (cogeneration system heat). However, to provide normal operation of units at a time when all the heat cannot be consumed for commercial purposes, you must use emergency (ballast) coolers. This type of power plants is recommended in countries with little existing government support, aimed at developing small-scale power on alternative fuel types.
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Gas gensets and cogenerators

Gas gensets and cogenerators are based on DEUTZ, MTU and some models of Scania engines with spark ignition system. Available capacity range is 100 – 2500 kWe for single set. Different genset performances: for natural or land field gas; open and container placed version; for working in island mode or in parallel with mains. Different heat cogeneration and emergency cooling systems. High voltage alternators for the sets with power over 1000 kWe. Company could send you technical and commercial offer after receiving questionnaire fully filing by the customer. 
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Industrial diesel pumping units

Diesel pumping units are designed for drainage, irrigation works, pumping water from ditches, reservoirs of heating, different capacities, as well as to combat the effects of floods and fire fighting. Small (portable) units are made on the basis of 1-2 cylinder diesel engine air-cooling and self-priming pumps vortex type. Suction lift up to 8 m. Starting system: manual or electric motors.
Aggregates capacity of more than 100 cubic meters per hour are offered based on diesel engines and liquid-air performance. Execution: stationary (on the frame) and mobile (on a trailer). Option: unit under a hood for protection from rain and sun, or in canopy.

Table of units

Additional daily fuel tanks, cisterns and other accessories

Additional daily fuel tanks  are intended for automatic or manual re-fuelling of the main genset tank by electric pump. Fuel tanks with single and double walls could be equipped with leakage monitoring system. Tanks are for inside of the engine room (container) or offside placement. Additional accessories: electric and manual pumps of different capacity, level gages, fuel counters and registers, fuel hoses and guns.
There are also block-type fuel tanks with single capacity of 500, 750 and 1000 l for inside installation. These tanks are available with complete scope of connections.