Gensets for Railway needs, (construction and repair)

Special aggregates


Portable railway electrical aggregates intended for use as power sources for construction and repair work distances ways railroad. Special design provides three-phase generator voltage: 3 x 230 V. Units are equipped to move the two rail wheels and retractable handles. The control panel has a protective visor, and is equipped with necessary devices, including ohmmeter for monitoring the insulation resistance and special sockets.


Summary table

Gensets for Railway needs (construction and repair), 50 Hz

Model Factory
Rated power
Diesel engine, (3000 rpm, air cooling system)
Tank Fuel consumption,
Open set
Brand Series Start Benz./dies. Dimensions,
LxWxH, cm
EA-2BZ EA2BMZ/B 2.5 Br.Stratton Intek 5,5 HP H B 2.8 1.6 80x54x52 85
EA-2BZ EA4BMZ/B 4.1 Intek 10 HP H / E B 3.8 2.5 85x54x60 95
EA-4Z EA4LMZ 4.1 Lombardini 15LD400 H / E D 5 1.6 85x54x64 120
EA-6Z EA6LMZ 6 15LD500 H / E D 5 2.3 90x54x64 170
H - manual (hand) start; E - electric start.
B - gasoline engine; D - diesel engine.