Судовые решения

  • propulson Судовые пропульсивные установки

    RIGAS DIZELIS DG offers a wide range of propulsion units of own OEM make, based on the most reliable and worldwide known engine manufacturer brands such as RDS, BAUDOUIN, DEUTZ, SCANIA and MITSUBISHI with rated power 12 - 1885 kW.

  • genset Судовые дизельгенераторы

    As a manufacturer (OEM), RIGAS DIZELIS DG offers a wide range of marine gensets for main, auxiliary, emergency, emergency- harbour and other application. Units are made on the basis of top in class diesel engines such as RDS, DEUTZ, PERKINS, SCANIA, MITSUBISHI and BAUDOUIN with rated power 8 - 1708 kW.

  • marine-outboards Подвесные двигатели

    RIGAS DIZELIS DG product portfolio includes best in class worldwide know marine diesel outboards with rated power 125 – 300 HP. These units are applicable in commercial as well as in luxury leisure markets.

  • marine-pumping-units Насосные агрегаты

    As a manufacturer (OEM), RIGAS DIZELIS DG offers marine diesel pumps. The units are designed for fire fighting and pumping purposes with 30-1000 m³/h delivery and 60-140 m pressure.

  • other-marine-solutions Прочие судовые системы и решения

    RIGAS DIZELIS DG provides complex deliveries and custom solutions per customer demand, including full ship-set packages (propulsion units, gensets, pumps etc), full propulsion systems/lines, including shafts, propellers (variable or fixed pitch), different types of thrusters by market leading European companies.

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